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The Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) is  to  enter  into  a  strategic  partnership  to  produce  jute  sacks  in  Ghana.

This  is expected to commence with  the  importation  of   jute  fiber and sewing  of  the  sacks  locally.

This was disclosed yesterday by the president when he delivered his second state of the nation’s address in parliament.

According to him, the move will enable  COCOBOD   halt  the  importation  of  jute  sacks  and  buy  all  its  sacks  from  this  factory.

He also disclosed that he  had directed   the  Board  and  Management  of  the  Electricity  Company  of  Ghana  to  encourage  the  local  manufacture  of  electrical  products  like  cables,  transformers and meters.

He said he has  tasked  the  Minister  of  Trade  and  Industry  to  request    the  Export  Development  and  Agriculture  Investment  Fund to  extend  assistance  to  local  investors  for  increased  production  of  poultry,  rice,  tomatoes,  cooking  oil,  and  fish.

President Mahama said    financing  has  also been  finalized  for  the  construction  of  a  new  sugar  processing  plant  in  Komenda  in  the  Central  Region, adding that government was  in  discussion  with  a private  sector  investor  to establish  another  sugar  processing  plant  in  the  north  near  Savelugu.

” I  have  also  tasked  the  Minister  to  speak  with  the  operators  of  flour  mills  and  introduce  incentives  for  production  of  composite  flours  that  incorporate  more  local  flour  from  products  like  cassava,  maize  and  sorghum,” he added.

President Mahama hinted that   work  on  the  integrated  bauxite  and  aluminium  industry,  including  the  revamping  of  VALCO would commence this year.

On education, President Mahama  called   for  a nationwide  support  for  the  Education  Ministry  and  the  Ghana  Education  Service  as  they  take   steps  to  implement  a  programme  aimed  at  an  immediate  and  comprehensive  redeployment  and  redistribution  of  teachers.

He also urged     Metropolitan,  Municipal  and  District  Chief  Executives,  as  well  as  MPs  and  community  leaders  to take  active  part  in  the  efforts  to  address  issues  of  education  at  the  district  and  community  levels.

He also hinted that government would  before  the  end  of  this  year,   announce a  formal  process  to  convert  ten  of  our  polytechnics  into  Technical  Universities.

He assured that  “government  will  continue  in  its  efforts  to  rebrand  technical  and  vocational  education  and  give  it  the  important  attention  and  support  it  deserves  in  the  development  of  our  nation. ”

Source: ISD (Gilbert Ankrah)