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Coffee Jute Sacking Bags are available for Kenya

Kenyan coffee beans are highly sensitive to moisture and require storage that allows air circulation. If the beans are packing too tightly, condensation will build up within the container and cause them to deteriorate and rot. At this stage in the process, the beans are essentially alive – so they need their breathing room! Since the green beans have a long travel ahead of them, the breathability of their vessel needs to remain consistent over a great period of time. That’s where Jute Bags comes in.

Coffee Jute Sacking Bags are made from a natural vegetable fiber, called jute, that is loosely woven to create the perfect temporary home for the sensitive beans. But not only does jute fabric allow for necessary circulation and moisture control, the material is also durable enough to withstand the shipping process and strong enough to hold a whole lot of beans. After all, the average weight of a coffee Jute Sacking bag packed with coffee beans of kenya is between 120 and 150 pounds. We should also mention that the people loading the shipments do this by hand and are also very strong!

The functionality of the coffee bag doesn’t end there. Each bag is hand-stenciled with a special identifier showing where the beans came from. The code on each bag corresponds to the country, the growers, and the parcel number. Beyond the code, there are also graphics that represent which region the beans came from. For Project Sunrise, that’s PRODUCE OF KENYA. But you knew that.

Once the green coffee beans are removed by the roasters, the coffee Jute bags continue to deliver. Because jute is a natural fiber, the bags are biodegradable and compostable – but no one seems to dispose of them anyhow. That’s because they are easily upcycled! Weddings, home décor, crafts, you name it and Jute bags are being used for it.

A skillful combination of art and science ensures that we serve the highest quality cup of Project Sunrise Coffee. Burlap bags are a small, but very important, piece to the coffee puzzle.

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