Promotional Jute Bags – Life should mean Life

I’ve written a previous blog piece where I’ve stated that I do not believe the plastic carrier bag is actually the devils work, the bag is incredibly efficient, low cost, easy to distribute and (if not tampered with to make bio-degradeable) is completely recyclable. If binned correctly there is no need for landfill nor turtles digesting.

That said I’m a keen advocate of reducing the need for plastic bags if possible, and there is no better way of reducing carrier bags than through Promotional Jute Bags for Life.

These newBags for Life have taken our industry by storm, carrier bag sales have dropped through the floor where demand for cotton shoppers has boomed to such an extent it has become a commodity line.

But now this Promotional Jute Bag is losing its appeal, we often hear how people have “loads of bags” in the boot of the car, in the cupboard at home that they are not using. So then they end of either using carrier bags or buy another Bag for Life! Not the sustainable vision of some!

The trouble with the Bag for Life is often it is a larger bag, emblazoned with huge, garish branding, which the consumer really doesn’t want to be seen out with!

So, the answer, well I think the answer is to think first as a fashion retailer and second as a promotional bags supplier, which is exactly why I think this new range of promotional Jute bags are a breath of fresh air.

Manufactured in BANGLADESH from naturally grown 89% Jute, in ethical and inspected factories shipped by sea and then stocked in the UK, ready for a small imprint to remind the recipient of your generosity and your company or the event they attended.

Spot the ‘small imprint’ people don’t want to feel they are carrying an ‘A’ Board promoting YOUR company, treat them to a fashionable bag and add just a small reminder, or even better add a label, sewn into the inside top seam, the recipient will see it, and the bag maintains its fashionable look & feel.

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Andrew Nash is Managing Director at Sussex Promotions, the UK’s Promotional Jute Bags Experts. Established over 10 years, ISO 9001 & BPMA Charter Status accredited, Sussex Promotions are your one-stop shop for printed promotional products & clothing.


Writer: ANDREW